NARRATEX’s art projects are always an experiment, a search for areas of art and technology that have not yet been mastered. We are not afraid to set non-trivial tasks that require not only non-standard solutions, but also the development of new technologies. We are experimenting at the stage of project creation, and also the viewer sets up an experiment on himself, plunging into the worlds we have invented. That is why our projects are a success in Russia and abroad.

Project №1


A journey from serene Paradise to musical Hell through countless symbols of the Garden of Earthly Delights in the art-VR project “YOLO: You only live once”

Project №2


Explore the world of the great surrealist, traveling through his masterpieces, look at the world through the eyes of Dali and create your own reality.

Project №3


What does a genius feel, on the verge of insanity, between mind and insanity beyond the meaningful? Immerse yourself in the "psychosis" genius.