“Psychosis 4:48” is a play by British playwright Sarah Kane. “Psychosis 4:48” ended up shortly before suicide: she hung herself at 4:48 in the morning.

The play “Psychosis 4:48” talks about the state of clinical depression. In this play – “75-minute suicide note.”

Sarah Kane’s drama refers the audience to the traditions of German expressionism. The main themes of her plays are a man in borderline states, a man in a situation of violence, death, love, madness, war. The specific theme is determined by the artistic tasks of Kane: influencing the viewer through shock and pain, Kane tries to destroy the wall between the viewer and the actor.

For the first time in Russia, the “Psychosis 4:48” was staged by Alexander Zeldovich in the Stanislavsky Electric Theater and was premiered on June 22, 2016. Along the action on the stage, the audience watched the video series prepared by the AES+F group, which sometimes associatively repeated the play, sometimes contradicted it. Artists of AES+F acted not only as co-authors and art-directors of the play, but also as authors of a separate artwork, which was shown simultaneously with the play.