KOD: XX century

The KOD Time Movement Center is the center of a new format in St. Petersburg, with a total area of 2500 sq / m. The exposition of the Center has no analogues in the world museum business due to the active introduction of the latest VR technologies.

In this section, artificial intelligence will tell about the history of the creation of the air fleet, great battles, heroes and masters, and the time machine will move travelers to the sky of the twentieth century.

Time travelers will learn all about the first flight school in Russia, about the great names in the history of Russian aviation: Nesterov, Artseulov, Zverev, Sikorsky, Marcel Pliat, Kazakov, Kruten. Visitors will learn how to ride an airplane and conduct combat operations in the air, as well as participate in an air battle. The atmosphere of the First and Second World wars, details, feats, incredible stories and people will give unforgettable impressions and tell about the history of Russia a lot.