KOD: XIX century

The KOD Time Movement Center is the center of a new format in St. Petersburg, with a total area of 2500 sq / m. The exposition of the Center has no analogues in the world museum business due to the active introduction of the latest VR technologies.

The story full of facts will tell not only about historical events, but also about unique technological solutions of the XIX century, about the very first earthen fortifications and forts.

St. Petersburg is in danger: the enemy fleet is nearby! How to prevent the enemy from executing his evil plan? Artificial intelligence will explain you all about the fortifications aroundthe city. Travelers in time will see how the unique Double southern battery (the first battery carrying two tiers of guns at once) was created, how the coastal artillery learned to shoot and how other technical innovations of that time were created and applied. Travelers will be able to study lost in time technologies, they will also get acquainted with the amazing battery of General Pauker, learn how to charge the guns and shoot them.